Check available delivery in your area!

Where do we deliver?

For our launch, we’re super excited to service all of Sydney! check your postcode at the top of this page

if you’re outside of this area though please send us an email at and we’ll see what we can do. We can’t wait to expand all over Australia.

Delivery Days and Order Cutoffs

  1. We deliver twice a week on Wednesday & Saturdays
  2. Cutoff is 9am 2 days prior. This means to get your goodies on Wednesday you need to order by 9am Monday.

What time?

We have two delivery windows

  1. Before 7am
  2. 8am - 6pm

If you’re in a house and want your food to arrive in the morning so you’re ready for the day, the pre 7am window is perfect!

If you’re in a building or apartment we recommend the 8am - 6pm window to ensure you get your hot little hands on your goods!

Do you send notifications & updates

Yes! for the 8am - 6pm window you’ll get a notification that your box is on the way, a tracking link and a final message when it has landed

For the pre 7am window, you’ll get the tracking link & a notification the night before that your order is on the way. However, we’re also your dream savers as we don’t send you the final message at the ungodly hour this box arrives on your doorstep!