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Nootropic Focus Coffee Powder

Nootropic Focus Coffee Powder

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Australian Coffee with vitamins, superfoods and nootropics. 

Brain Boost Coffee is a better-for-you coffee that not only tastes amazing but uses natural ingredients that are bursting with benefits you can feel.

Our upgraded coffee has 15 science-backed ingredients added that have amazing benefits known to enhance focus, improve mood and provide long-lasting mental energy!

Crafted by nutritionists with ingredients that make the effects of our coffee powder to be way more than just coffee. These ingredients work together so you get an improved experience out of every cup, one that makes the effects of coffee last longer with cleaner uplift, and no crash or jitters.

Each 10 gram recyclable-sachet has the right amount of ingredients so it is bursting with benefits you can feel like:

✔️ Clear Focus & uplifted mood
✔️ Long Lasting Energy (up to 50% more than regular coffee)
✔️ No jitters, anxiety or crash

Imagine how much more you could do with the savvy brew that brings out the best in you! Delicious as a mocha coffee or with a coffee creamer! 

Eco-friendly organic and fairtrade coffee used in a recyclable sachet. It comes in a 7pack (week pack) and a 25 pack (month pack). 

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