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Madame Tiger

Tiger Nut Milk Original 6 Pack

Tiger Nut Milk Original 6 Pack

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Hold the dairy, pass the Tiger Nut Milk!

Pour a whisker on your muesli, make yourself a smoothie or for the real deal plant milk enthusiasts, throw down a good old glass of milk (minus the cow!). 

Great news! Now you don't have to compromise on protein, vitamins and nutrients if you skip the cows milk. Madame Tiger's Original Tiger Nut Milk boasts a nutritional panel that rivals full cream cow’s milk. Now you don’t see that everyday down the plant milk aisle!

If you're after a milk to go in coffee and tea try our Barista Tiger Nut Milk instead, the Original is not the best in coffee and tea, it's much better for a creamy smoothie! 

The Ingredients in our Original Tiger Nut Milk:

Water (filtered & UV purified), organic tiger nuts (12%), faba bean protein, Australian olive oil, organic demerara sugar, minerals (potassium, calcium, phosphorous), sea salt, vitamins (vitamin B5, vitamin B2, vitamin D, vitamin B12). 

Delightfully free from dairy, soy and gluten! 

FODMAP Friendly certified. Go ahead and enjoy 300ml per meal of our Original Tiger Nut Milk if you are following a low FODMAP or IBS friendly diet. 


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