What's the FoodMe Nutrition Program?

Here at FoodMe all our products are reviewed by nutritionists so you can make the most informed choice for you ❤️

Products that are a part of a healthy diet have been given the FoodMe tick of approval (which you can clearly see labelled on the product page).

While we still offer some of your everyday favourites like tim tams, because lets face it, a little treat every now and then is what life is really like! and if i can have a gluten-free tim tam every now and then I'm pretty stoked about that.

Meet our Nutritionists

How our nutritional rating system works?

Below is the criteria we've run every FoodMe item through to be given our "Nutritionist Tick" of approval.

  1. Nutrient Density and Whole Food Ingredients
    • Whole Food Ingredients: All food products should contain whole food ingredients that are rich in essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and beneficial compounds like prebiotics.
    • Nutrient Profile: Products should contribute positively to the overall nutrient profile, including fibre, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins.
    • Minimal Processing: Preferably, products should include minimally processed whole food ingredients to maintain natural nutritional integrity.
  2. Additives
    • Artificial Ingredients: All food products should contain no artificial colourings, preservatives, or monosodium glutamate (MSG).
  3. Sugar Content
    • Approved and Recommended Substitutes: Natural fruit (e.g., fruit puree or juice), rice malt syrup, stevia, monk fruit.
    • Accepted Substitutes (if total sugar content is less than 6 grams per serve): Honey, maple syrup, molasses, dates, erythritol, xylitol, maltose, coconut sugar, raw, brown, or white sugar.
    • Thaumatin – category? sweetener or additive?? (FSANZ approved, zero GI)
    • Total Sugar: All food products should contain less than 6 grams (1.5 teaspoons) of total sugar per serve.
    • Preferred Sugars: Natural sugars (e.g., from fruits) are preferred over added sugars.
    • Sugar Substitutes:
  4. Fat Content
    • Saturated Fat: All food products should contain less than 5 grams of saturated fat per 100 grams.
    • Trans Fats and Hydrogenated Oils: Products should not contain trans fats or hydrogenated vegetable oils.
  5. Sodium Content
    • Sodium Limit: Sodium content should be less than 400 mg per 100 grams of food.
  6. Dietary Fibre
    • Fibre Content: Ensure a minimum of 3 grams of dietary fibre per serving (high or good source) or no less than 1.5 grams per serving (source of fibre) for solid foods.

How do i get my free nutritionist session?

Simple, all FoodMe members are referred onto Kim & our network of nutritionist who are ready to help you live your best GF life. After all, what else would your new GFBF (gluten free best friend) do ❤️